The Nissan Murano praised by the media

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The Nissan Murano praised by the media

The Nissan Murano always stood out in the crowd, but the current-generation model takes its design to a whole other level with an aggressive yet refined look that still turn heads, even two years after it launched. That said, the Murano also offers a lot in terms of fuel economy, comfort, safety, technology and performance.

Here’s what the media had to say about the new Nissan Murano.

Unique styling sets the Murano apart from its rivals in the often repetitive crossover landscape. With nicely weighted steering and confident brakes, its driving dynamics are satisfying as well. A 260-hp 3.5-liter V-6, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and front-drive are standard; all-wheel drive is optional – Car & Driver

The 2016 Nissan Murano is a pleasant and versatile five-passenger midsize crossover with ample room for all passengers. It is a smart choice if you want an upscale, V6-powered crossover without having to pay a premium for a luxury brand –

The flamboyant, head-turning Nissan Murano is quite the icebreaker. Elegance, style, and luxury-like ambiance—not ruggedness and trail prowess—are the focus of the Murano. It’s not aimed so much at diaper-changing parents and carpool duty, either. Those are the roles of Nissan’s Rogue and Pathfinder, after all. And performance might take second stage to comfort, but to the older, albeit style-conscious empty-nester couples Nissan is targeting more than ever with this Murano, that’s quite alright – The Car Connection

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